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The Learning Analytics Project aims to empower faculty members with learning data and analytics to support teaching and learning. If you’re teaching at UBC, you’re invited to explore each of the tools and services outlined below in your courses.

Please note that many of the tools and services outlined below are currently being run as pilots as part of UBC’s Learning Analytics Project, so some tools will require initial consultation and setup. Support may be discontinued for tools that are currently offered as pilots following their evaluation.

If you have any questions or would like support getting started, please get in touch.

Canvas Analytics + Quiz Statistics

Canvas course analytics and quiz statistics are tools enabled for all instructors who are teaching with Canvas — UBC’s new online learning platform. Canvas Analytics are designed to help instructors gain a better understanding of how students are engaging with course materials and designs.

Learn more about accessing these tools in your course.


Canvas Data

Canvas Data is a reporting and analytical datastore of operational and transactional data, including data about enrolments, assignments, quiz questions, discussions, and modules. For example, this data can be used to explore how much time students are spending in your Canvas course and which resources are being accessed (or not) by students.

If you’re interested in analysing the data from your courses that’s stored in Canvas Data, please get in touch with the Learning Technology Hub to request access.


Threadz is a plugin tool for Canvas that allows users to visualize the social dynamics of their discussion forums. This tool enables instructors to easily access data about who is actively engaged in discussions, whose responses are going unanswered, and whether students are achieving the engagement goals that were set for the course. Threadz can also alert instructors to potential issues early on, such as learner isolation and instructor-centric discussions, which can provide insights that help make discussions better for all learners. Threadz can be deployed as either an instructor-facing tool or for both students and instructors to use. Learn more about Threadz.

Threadz is currently being piloted as part of the Learning Analytics Project. To use Threadz in your course, please submit a request to the Learning Technology Hub.


OnTask is a learning analytics tool that uses data from platforms such as Canvas to enable instructors to send timely, personalized feedback to students, based on the metrics they set for their courses. Learn more about OnTask.

OnTask is currently being piloted as part of the Learning Analytics Project. Please contact the Learning Technology Hub if you would like to use OnTask in your course. Before you get started, it will take approximately one week for OnTask to be set up in your course, and we will set up an initial orientation meeting between you and a member of the Learning Analytics Project team.

Other Learning Data Needs

Instructors who have other learning data needs or who are interested in trying other learning analytics tools are invited to get in touch. A member of our team will follow up with you.

Program Planning and Advising Data

If you’re a Program Head, Department Head, or otherwise involved in course and program planning and would like to learn more about how analytics can support your work, please get in touch.