What if I need different or additional data?

There may be data available that you’re unable to access through a learning tool itself. The LT Hub offers support to:

  • Clarify your needs and track down required data. Where data is not currently available, we can use your request to improve our data collection processes.
  • Fulfill your request from the appropriate data source, or guide you to the appropriate access point (if self-service is available).
  • Explain the governance process for data requests. Some requests may require a formal data request.

Please contact the Learning Technology Hub to discuss your project and/or request guidance on the appropriate data access process. Some helpful information to include:

  • If there is a specific data source you are already aware of that contains the data, the name of that data source.
  • If you know the tool you’d like data from, but not where it comes from.
  • What question you are trying to answer, or what your project is.