For students

UBC’s Learning Analytics Project is exploring how analysing and interpreting learning data can support student success. This work includes the development of tools and approaches for providing students, instructors, and the university with access to data and visualizations that can inform learning, teaching, and program planning.

There are a few ways students can get involved with the project.

Attend a Hackathon

UBC’s Learning Analytics Hackathons offer students an opportunity to explore how analytics can support learning. The next Hackathon is coming in fall 2019.
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Get Started with the Canvas API

Did you know that the Canvas API allows you to create tools that expand the functionality of Canvas? This guide shows you how to access the Canvas API and make API requests.
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Join SoLAR

UBC is an Institutional Member of the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR). UBC students can join SoLAR free of charge.
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Get in touch

Want to learn more? Send us your feedback or questions about learning analytics at UBC.
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