Ethics and Policy

The Learning Analytics Project’s primary goal is to better understand and improve the learning experiences of students through the collection and analysis of relevant data. As the field of learning analytics continues to develop, a key component of the Learning Analytics Project is to establish and support the development of UBC policies that ensure data is accessed and used appropriately in support of this goal.

Data Governance

Part of the Learning Analytics Project, the Learning Data Committee has been charged with developing and proposing principles and procedures regarding the use of student data to support learning. The Learning Data Committee’s work complements the efforts of UBC’s Data Governance Program, which is led by the Data Governance Steering Committee and is responsible for developing and implementing data management policies and standards for the UBC community.

Learn more about UBC’s data governance policies, procedures, and processes for ensuring the proper management of UBC’s digital information.

Guidelines + Procedures

Learning Analytics at UBC: Purpose and Principles

The Learning Analytics at UBC: Purpose and Principles were established to guide the Learning Analytics Project and the formulation of UBC policies, as appropriate. The Purpose and Principles were developed by UBC’s Learning Data Committee and have been endorsed by the UBC Data Governance Steering Committee.

Accessing and Using Learning Data for Evaluation and Enhancement

The analysis of online course data that’s collected while students are engaged in course activities provides opportunities for interventions and improvement and is a standard component of course and curriculum enhancement activities. Instructors can also request access to data beyond the sources that are available to them for the purpose of evaluation, quality assurance, and enhancement through the Access to and Use of Learning Data for Quality Assurance / Enhancement Purposes application process.

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Your Guide to Learning Data, Analytics + Privacy

Part of the Learning Analytics Project’s work is to ensure that learning analytics efforts are carried out in a manner that’s ethical, in agreement UBC policy and BC legislation, and sensitive to students’ and faculty members’ privacy concerns. If you would like to learn more about the circumstances in which learning data can be accessed and how that data is protected, please see our guides to Learning Data, Analytics + Privacy for students or instructors.

Answers to Questions from the UBC Community

If you have questions about the Access to and Use of Learning Data for Quality Assurance / Enhancement Purposes Application Process or the Learning Analytics at UBC: Purpose and Principles, you may find it helpful to check out the Learning Data Committee’s answers to questions submitted by the UBC community.

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