Technical Infrastructure + Solution Architecture

The Learning Analytics Project has been tasked with delivering flexible technical infrastructure and solution architecture for learning analytics at UBC. This work is being carried out by the project team alongside their efforts to develop and support the Learning Analytics pilot projects.

The Learning Analytics Project is positioned as an innovation project, and technical infrastructure and solutions for learning analytics are being developed as part of an ongoing, iterative process.

To date, technical efforts for the Learning Analytics Project are focused largely on supporting the tool pilots by provisioning infrastructure and data access — this provides valuable opportunities to explore options for delivering solutions with cloud services. The project team has also been exploring potential data reporting solutions that could be applied campus-wide.

Additional areas of exploration for the project team include:

  • Developing tools that allow UBC applications to emit learning events
  • Developing processes to enrich and transform real-time learning events
  • Exploring tools that could help meet staff and faculty needs for data reporting and visualization, including a institutionally supported self-service reporting tool
  • Developing a solution to combine multiple sources of Canvas data (e.g., from the Canvas Data Warehouse and the Canvas API).

Want to learn more?

If you have questions about any of the above, we encourage you to get in touch to submit your question or meet with the team.