Steering Committee

Part of the Learning Analytics Project, the Learning Analytics Steering Committee advises on the priorities and direction of the project team in terms of community engagement efforts, the learning analytics pilots, and technical infrastructure work. This includes ensuring that the infrastructure solutions are in place to meet the emerging requirements of the learning analytics pilots.

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Current Members

  • Silvia Bartolic – Senior Instructor, Sociology, Faculty of Arts
  • Kebbie Brown – Board of Directors, Students’ Union of UBC Okanagan
  • Christina Hendricks – Academic Director, The Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (ex officio)
  • Marcela Hernandez – Chief Data Officer, Office of the CIO
  • Gregor Kiczales – Professor, Computer Science
  • Michelle Lamberson – Director, Flexible Learning/Special Projects
  • Kim McGrail – Scientific Director, Population Data BC, and Data Director, BC Academic Health Sciences Network
  • Stephanie McKeown (Chair) – Chief Institutional Research Officer
  • Patrick Walls – Instructor, Mathematics
  • new AMS student representative tba

Non-voting Attendee

Terms of Reference

The role of the Learning Analytics Steering Committee is to:

  • Ensure the project’s scope aligns with the requirements of stakeholders.
  • Provide advice and guidance to the Project Team to ensure that community engagement activities and technical infrastructure development is applicable across UBC’s diverse academic contexts.
  • Report on progress to the LT Hub Leadership.

The Learning Analytics Steering Committee has a particular focus on:

  • Ensuring that the technical infrastructure meets emerging stakeholder needs and follows existing standards and best practices.
  • Helping to balance conflicting priorities.
  • Evaluating areas of research focus for initial pilots.
  • Regular communication and exchange with the Learning Data Committee.

Agenda Items

2020 Agenda Items

March 2020:

    • Presentation and discussion of draft LA Sustainment Plan

Past Agendas

February 2019:

    • Updates on Project
    • Overview of Year 2 Plan

May 2019:

  • Updates on Project
  • Student Engagement
  • Student Survey

September 2019:

  • Review of Project accomplishments: Learning Data, Community Engagement and Infrastructure
  • Review of Goals to the end of the Project
  • Review and discussion of Sustainment Plan

February 2018:

      • Update on Learning Data Committee
      • Review and discussion of Learning Analytics deliverables

October 2018

      • Executive Summary from Year 1 Report
      • Plan for Year 2 of the Learning Analytics Project

2017 Agenda Items

May 2017:

      • Overview of Project presentation
      • Reports from the Community Engagement/Research and Technical working groups
      • Discussion of draft Terms of Reference

September 2017:

      • Review of revised Terms of Reference
      • Update on Learning Data Committee
      • Presentation on University Data Model
      • Update on Learning Analytics Project

November 2017:

      • Review draft Purpose and Principles document
      • Project updates
      • Project presentations and discussion