Community Engagement

The Learning Analytics Project aims to empower students, faculty members, and departments with analytics to support teaching, learning, student success, and program planning. The Project’s community engagement activities contribute to UBC’s understanding of the issues that instructors, students, and faculties would like to see learning analytics address and inform the development of UBC’s overall learning analytics policy framework by providing real-world use cases.

Faculty Engagement

The Learning Analytics Project aims to facilitate a community of faculty members who are actively engaged in the development of learning analytics models and student learning research. Engagement activities include collaborations between faculty members and the Learning Analytics project team — largely through the learning analytics tool pilots and one-on-one consultations  — as well as an ongoing learning analytics workshop series for faculty.

See all the current opportunities for faculty to get involved with Learning Analytics Project.

Student Engagement

The goal of learning analytics is to better understand and enhance teaching, learning, and the student experience — and the learning analytics project wants to hear from students about how analytics can best do that.

Students can get involved with the project by attending the next Learning Analytics Hackathon, joining the Learning Analytics Student Consultation Group, or sending us questions and feedback.

See all the current opportunities for students to get involved with Learning Analytics Project.